How to Increase Your Odds for a Successful Vasectomy Reversal

There are numerous reasons why a man or a couple decides to have a vasectomy. There are just as many reasons someone decides to reverse the procedure.

Remarriage, improved financial stability, or just a change of heart are all common reasons to decide on a vasectomy reversal procedure. If you are considering this, certain factors affect the success of a reversal, so you may want to look at how to increase your odds for a successful outcome.

Both Partners Should Be Evaluated for Fertility

The age of your partner can affect whether they will get pregnant. The closer they are to 40 years of age, the more difficult it can be to become pregnant and carry to term. If they have never hadHand with glove holding magnifying glass. a child or if there were issues with fertility in the past, this can also be a problem. In this case, an exam by a gynecologist can help to determine the state of your partner’s fertility.

Males should also have their fertility evaluated to increase the odds for a successful vasectomy reversal. There are tests to determine the health of the sperm by evaluating the number of sperm (sperm count), the shape, and the movement.

Healthy sperm motility is essential for a successful vasectomy reversal. You can increase your odds by:

  • Maintaining a healthy weight
  • Reducing alcohol consumption
  • Exercise
  • Stopping smoking
  • Limiting cell phone use

Consider the Time Between Procedures

Almost 95% of vasectomy reversals are successful if they are done within 10 years of the initial vasectomy procedure.  The success rate declines when the time between is 15 or more years.

Have You Had Other Surgeries in the Groin Area?

You are more likely to have a successful vasectomy reversal if you have NOT had any other surgeries in the groin area, like an inguinal hernia repair. Some surgical procedures increase the chances of a blockage that makes reversals more difficult.

Find an Experienced Surgeon

Vasectomy reversal is a highly specialized procedure. Find a surgeon highly trained in microsurgery techniques and fellowship trained in fertility like our urologists at Cleveland Urology. This should be a regular surgery they have performed successfully many times. The expertise of the surgeon may be the greatest factor in increasing your odds for  a successful vasectomy reversal.

Speak with one of our urologists by call our urology clinic in Cleveland at (440) 891-6500 if you are considering a vasectomy reversal and whether you would be a good candidate.