Don’t Let These ED Myths Stop You From Treatment

If you, or your partner, continue to postpone treatment for ED symptoms, now is the time to talk with Cleveland Urology Associates in Cleveland, OH about your options. Don’t let these ED myths stop you from treatments. Instead, get the facts from a professional.

Myth: I’m Young, So No Worriesman suffering from erectile dysfunction in bed

That might sound comforting, but even younger men near 40 can have issues with ED. It does increase with age, but that’s only part of it. 15% of males under 40 admit they have occasional problems, while sadly, only one-third of men with ED seek medical treatment.

Myth: You Don’t Have ED If You Can Get An Erection

Now there’s a sly myth. The definition of ED is being unable to get and maintain an erection. If you can’t maintain an erection that’s satisfying enough for sex, there is a problem.

All men are different. Can you get one? Can you keep it long enough? Is it hard enough to penetrate for sex? Be honest and speak to Cleveland Urology Associates.

Myth: ED Is Uncommon

The truth is just the opposite. Fifteen to thirty million men have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction during their lives. You are most certainly not alone.

Myth: I’m Healthy: I Can’t Have ED

You can be perfectly healthy and still have ED. While it is true that men with medical issues can be more at risk for erectile dysfunction, getting an erection has a lot more to do with your brain, testosterone level, your nervous system, and your vascular system especially in the penis itself.

Even with underlying medical issues, all life’s stresses, the medications you take, drinking alcohol, smoking, taking recreational drugs, and other risk factors all contribute to occasional ED.

Myth: The Pill Is My Only Option

This might have been true several years ago, but today there are multiple options available to all men with chronic or occasional ED. It just takes a conversation with Cleveland Urology Associates to discover all the many ways you can improve your sex life.

Why wait to have the conversation? Get the facts.

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